Reduce And Manage Your Debt Through Chapter 13

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You Can Manage Your Debt With a Payment Plan

Are you having trouble keeping up with your bills? Are you facing foreclosure and need help reducing your expenses to save your home? Are you being harassed by creditors by phone or having your wages reduced due to garnishment?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the solution to your financial woes. Chapter 13 is a form of bankruptcy that provides you with the ability to create a payment plan to repay your creditors. At Marcus H. Herbert & Associates, we are ready to help you determine if this is the right method to turn your financial situation around.

With more than 20 years of experience on our side, the law office of Marcus H. Herbert & Associates knows how to help you overcome your debt. We can help you achieve a fresh start on your finances by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Contact our Paducah chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer to learn more about your debt relief options.

The Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a wide range of benefits to people who are struggling with overwhelming debt, such as:

  • Reducing what you pay: Not only does Chapter 13 bankruptcy create a payment plan, it actually reduces the amount you have to pay each month for many of your bills. By looking at your monthly income and expenses, we can help you develop a payment plan that you can afford.
  • Stopping creditor harassment: Filing for bankruptcy ends harassing phone calls, letters, wage garnishments and other collection actions. When you file for bankruptcy, an "automatic stay" goes into effect. This means that creditors can't harass you during the bankruptcy.
  • Stopping home foreclosure and property repossession: You may be able to keep your home, your car and other assets. The "automatic stay" that stops creditor harassment, also temporarily stops foreclosure. This can give you time to determine your payment plan to get you back on track to paying off your mortgage.
  • Helping you rebuild your credit: When you reorganize your debt in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and begin your payment plan, you can start strengthening your credit score, helping your eligibility for credit in the near future. By continuing to make payments on time, you can improve your credit score and gain control over your finances.

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