Can bankruptcy provide relief from student loan debt?

| Jan 8, 2021 | consumer bankruptcy | 0 comments

Financial hardships can come in various forms, some of which may build up over time, while others could be of a more sudden and unexpected nature. Those who suffer under the weight of debt may wish to weigh each of the available options to help safeguard their financial futures and in some cases, bankruptcy might prove the healthiest path with which to achieve this goal. However, individuals in Kentucky who carry high levels of student loan debt might be left wondering if bankruptcy is still a viable option.

Recent reports indicate that many Americans may be under the impression that student loan debts are not eligible for discharge during the bankruptcy process. However, while it might be difficult, experts indicate that it is not impossible. To receive approval to discharge student loan debts, a person may have to either show that the loan did not provide any educational benefit or that the financial strain is causing undue hardships, but with either option, the process could prove difficult at best.

Individuals who wish to know if bankruptcy is a viable option but remain uncertain of how the presence of student loans might affect their situation could also benefit from considering other vital topics. For instance, even if student loans remain after a bankruptcy is finalized, by discharging other forms of debt in the process, a person may free up much needed income. In turn, the student loan payments that previously appeared daunting could prove much more manageable.

Those with questions about how student loan debt might be handled during bankruptcy could benefit from consulting with an attorney for advice in better understanding the process. An attorney can address all a client’s questions and concerns and provide much needed insight on each of his or her available options. Such guidance could play an integral role in helping a person in Kentucky prepare to choose the best available path with which to seek debt relief and work toward building a brighter financial future.