Filing for bankruptcy is a personal matter and not something you need to share. In fact, it is illegal for employers to inquire about your bankruptcy in a job interview.

Your decision ultimately allowed you to dissolve debilitating debt and begin anew, which is not something to feel shameful about. Knowing how to address your bankruptcy in the workplace, or whether to say anything at all, can help you carry yourself with confidence and poise.

Addressing questions

If you already have a job, it is unlikely that your personal financial decisions will impact your job directly. According to Chron, the only time your employer may run your credit is if you have applied for a promotion within your company. Under these circumstances, your employer may want to know more about your situation.

Answering questions about your bankruptcy does not mean you have to share sensitive details. In fact, think about ways that you can answer common questions to provide context, but without divulging too much information. Regardless of what you choose to say, provide an honest answer.

Keeping your dignity

Talking about bankruptcy does not have to cause embarrassment. You can keep your dignity and discuss your situation. Hopefully, you will have had ample opportunity to establish your reputation and credibility prior to your conversation. Your employer should see that your work ethic and reliability reflect the type of person you are.

After providing an honest answer to your employer’s questions, turn their focus to your desirable skills and abilities. Refrain from spending too much time talking about your past. Rather, focus on what you can do to make a difference in your job and in the company.